Living room carpet ideas for enchanting your guests

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Carpet appreciation is on the rise in 2022 as people come to see the value of soft flooring once again. Installing carpet in a living room provides a comfortable, welcoming space. Carpet is warmer, making it more comfortable underfoot (especially in the winter). It is also much more affordable than the installation of hardwood timber, linoleum, concrete, or tile floors.

Carpet has always been the most popular flooring choice for bedrooms. There are a variety of reasons that privilege carpet over other materials in rooms of comfort. To name a few;

– Carpet is softer underfoot- Lower fall/slip risk- Minimises personal injury if there is a fall (particularly relevant for young children and elderly people)- Carpet is warmer in cold months- Carpet is cheaper than most materials- Carpet is one of the easiest flooring types to install (you can even DIY)- Helps to prevent heat escaping (thermal resistance)- Dirt is less conspicuous- Carpet has significant aesthetic value (versatile with many types/colours)

There are a few things to think about when choosing a carpet for your living room. Deciding on a colour and style can help you to quickly narrow down the search. Colour is an important part of living room carpeting because you want to make sure that the colour you choose is not boring, but is also not overwhelming. A boring carpet can sap the positive energy from an otherwise well-designed room. An overwhelmingly bright carpet can create a loud, unwelcoming environment.

When it comes to choosing carpet colour, most people go for soft neutrals. This includes whites, beiges, greys, and light browns. To keep the carpet dynamic and visually interesting, many turn to creative materials. There are a number of materials that carpet can be made from including woven nylon, polyester, olefin, or wool fibres. Some opt for a more unique choice such as a Persian carpet, usually made from wool or silk. To help you understand the sheer scope of materials, styles and designs, here is a list of the 10 best examples of carpets for living rooms in Australia.

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Living room carpet ideas: 10 best carpet ideas for living room

10. Chic black carpet

When it comes to modern carpet living room ideas, dark is the colour of the moment. Dark carpets have a moody sophistication that has swiftly found its footing in contemporary carpeting. There are also practical benefits to a black carpet.

Darker carpets will disguise dirt and debris much better than their lighter counterparts. Stains will also be less conspicuous, so you don’t have to worry as much about a spill. Dark carpets will also absorb more heat, which is perfect if you live in a colder area or need an extra layer of warmth during the winter. Browse high quality dark carpets by Carpet Call here.

09. Dark grey carpet

Dark grey is another example of sophisticated modern carpet design. A dark grey carpet has numerous practical benefits including hiding stains and dirt as well as trapping heat. Dark grey carpets work best in contemporary living rooms with monochromatic colour schemes that are offset with a pop of bright colour such as green or yellow. Browse a range of high quality grey carpets here from Mark Henderson Carpets.

08. Dark green carpet

Dark green is a relatively uncommon carpet colour which has seen a gradual resurgence in recent years. These carpets have a slightly whimsical, Art Deco aesthetic that pairs beautifully with cool white and grey interiors. It is the perfect choice for a living room as it will provide a welcoming and intriguing space to enchant your guests. Read more about the psycho and physiological effects of the colour green here.

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07. Light grey

There is a lot that can be said to the subtle sophistication of grey carpets. Modern grey carpets in particular tend to be quite light and unassuming. They tone well with cool colours and light décor, such as the blue, grey and white colour combination pictured above. For a luxury textured look, consider purchasing 100% New Zealand rippled wool from Carpet Right.

06. Living room rugs

If you want all of the benefits of a carpet without the permanency or installation troubles, a living room rug is the perfect middle ground. They are portable and easy to clean, and you can redesign your setup however you like over the years without having to rip anything up. Read more about the ten best rugs for living rooms Australia here.

05. Light brown wool carpet

Woolen carpets are a popular flooring choice because they are extremely durable, high quality, and have a softness that synthetic materials cannot replicate. The textured carpet pictured above is Astoni Windsor wool, woven in Italy. You can purchase it from Astoni Windsor here from Choices Flooring. For more about the benefits of wool carpets, see here.

04. Persian

Persian carpets are coveted symbols of wealth, sophistication and prosperity. They are most commonly made from either wool or silk. Read more about the most beautiful Persian rugs in Australia.

03. Cool white

For a bright and open look, consider a light white carpet in a cool tone. This will create a neutral foundation for your room that you can then expand on by choosing a colourful lounge or walls. Cool white can tone with almost everything, making it a future-proof decision as you will be able to change your décor whenever you like without issue.

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02. Beige

Beige is considered something of an invisible carpet. It is warm, but can work to contrast cool tones and bring life into the room. Beige is a great choice for those who want to let their other design features shine, while also reaping the rewards of a carpeted interior.

01. Cream

Cream is a very popular carpet choice. It is warm and neutral, and helps to brighten up the space. Cream reflects light, which makes the room feel airy and therefore larger. It also pairs beautifully with warm natural colours and textures such as brown, wicker timber, and various linens. Read more about McLeay Carpets – the creators of the carpet pictured above – here.

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