Where to Put the TV in Your Living Room: 8 Options

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8 Ideas for Placing a TV in a Living Room

1. Above the Fireplace

Placing a flat-screen TV above the fireplace is classic living room setup and with good reason. When you wall-mount a TV, you aren’t taking up precious floor space, and this TV placement just looks great, whether you have a small or large TV. “Placing or mounting the TV on or above a fireplace is a very natural space to put a television,” says Cameron Johnson.

Plus, when you watch TV, you won’t have the inconvenience of seeing the wires hanging distractingly from the TV wall, as these can be hidden with trunking or run through the wall.

“If your living room has a fireplace, placing your TV above it can be a great way to create a cozy and warm ambiance. Make sure to hang the TV at the proper height so that it does not obstruct the view of the fireplace or cause neck strain when viewing,” adds Mike Semegen.

2. A Media Wall

A media wall is a trendy feature piece where the TV (alongside any cables and satellite boxes) sits within the wall. This makes a great, modern focal point for watching TV. A TV wall is a great option if your living space is small, and you want your entertainment center to be one of the main features in your living room.

When it comes to placement, Jess Harrell advices, “Place the middle of the TV at your sitting eye height so you don’t have to look up and strain your neck.”

3. Off-Centre

In direct contrast to a media wall, placing a TV off-center is an effective way for a television to be present in your main room – without being the sole focal point of it — this can work well in a living room, where Lindsey Boney says, “Conversation trumps TV binging.”

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“A TV can be a focal point in a family room but shouldn’t be the focus in the living room,” adds Boney.

By placing your TV off-center, you can prioritize other features such as your furniture, artwork, and decor. Taking the onuss off the TV as the main focal point, also gives a room a more personable feel.

If you want to place your TV off-center, you could consider a TV mount that will swivel, so your TV can become a more prominent feature when you want to watch it. “Another favorite is placing the TV next to the fireplace built-in. This can help to keep the TV installed at a reasonable height, and not too high,” adds Heather Mastrangeli.

4. Mounted on the Wall

Mounting your TV on the wall is a great way to save space in a small living room as you won’t need to have a media console.

A great way to disguise a TV is to incorporate it into a gallery wall. This is a great way to really inject some personality into your living space. You might want to consider artwork placed in simple, understated black frames. Or you might want to inject some bursts of color and go for something a little more eye-catching. The choice is yours.

“This is a popular option as it saves floor space and creates a clean, modern look. A TV wall mount will often allow you to adjust the height of the TV to a comfortable viewing position, and you can also conceal the cords and wires,” says Mike Semegen.

Pro tip: “My favorite trick is to mount the TV and create and art shelf under it so that large pieces of art can be moved to cover the TV when entertaining. This also works when creating a salon wall with a framed TV – you can hide it in the composition,” says Christiane Lemieux.

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5. In an Alcove

If you have some storage space going to waste in an alcove, if there’s enough room (and an adequate viewing distance, given your TV’s size), it could be the perfect location for a TV mount.

You can even create a bit of an entertainment center that is more discrete and less of a focal point overall. You can also consider decorating the alcove with paint or wallpaper that will wonderfully complement the area. Or if you don’t want to draw attention to it, think about camouflage components, such as free-standing lamps or even a thin curtain that will minimize the TV.

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